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Baba’s Miracle continues on 18th day

Videos of Baba’s Miracle till day 18 can be found on our YouTube channel: Sai Dham Canada


After Baba gave live Darshan in Shirdi, India Baba Chose to give his live Darshan in Sai Dham Canada

We celebrated Baba’s favourite Ram Navami Festival on Saturday 12th April 2014. The programme started from 9:00 am after Kakad Aarti and continued for the whole day until Baba’s Shej Aarti that started at around 11:00 pm. The full day had several programmes like Vishnu Sahasranam , hanuman chalisa, namswarana, Bhajans and so on. It was a fun filled spiritual days

We had also started the free breakfast program as commanded by Baba. It’s a 7 day free breakfast program from 7:30 am to 9:30 am for who ever who wants breakfast in the morning including kids, elderly seniors, homeless, etc.

While the Shej Aarti ended, Bhai (Vishal Khanna ) was doing his last prayers to Baba and I was closing the curtains; one devotee (Babita) shouted at me that Didi ‘Baba is here’. Once Bhai came and confirmed, I broke down in tears. I could not believe in my own eyes that really ‘Baba is here’.

Everyone was overwhelmed and some started crying, some sat on meditation, some were doing Baba’s naam jaap.
Kids were all excited and they came to me and said “Sai Aunty, (as all kids call me by that name. It’s a blessing from Baba), can we start chanting Omkara loudly with love and devotion that Baba will have no other choice but to show us His full form. These children are Baba’s children and they are blessed.

We were around 30-35 people at Sai Dham st that time as others left (it was past 11:00 pm) who were able to have Baba’s darshan first.

We came to know later that a devotee (Naveen) was the first person to see Baba. He thought that he is hallucinating and so called other devotees for a confirmation. And they confirmed. That is when they stopped me from pulling the curtain. Because once curtain is closed; it will not be opened until next morning Kakad Aarti.

Someone suggested to take a picture. Others said its impossible to take picture. Vashistha, Baba’s devotee and our own parivaar’s photographer took the first picture and his hands started shaking. He said the picture is absolutely perfect. Then he took several pictures and Baba was there, clear picture. No one can doubt for a second.

The next thing we know that everyone started calling their friends and families to take Baba’s darshan as we did not know how long Baba will give His darshan.

Sai Dham for the past 4 days have not been closed as devotees from all over ontario are coming. And everyone has more or less the same first emotions. That is emotion of love, faith, believe towards Baba. And cry and cry and cry out of love.

One devotee (Babita) mentioned that ‘we are so lucky. Instead of calling us to Him; Baba Himself came to us to give His darshan and to bless us.

On 12th April, Saturday when this miracle or i would say a divine experience that happened; I knew that Baba loves us sooooo much that He listened to all our prayers and had no choice but to come and give us His live darshan. But today is 15th April, Tuesday; it’s the 4th day going on and Baba is still there as He was there the first day. We are so so blessed. We don’t know when Baba will decide to merge into His idol.

Some media people had come and one a amongst them told that these miracles often happen all around the world but this miracle continuing for several days – has never happened.

Sai Dham Canada is an Institution of Love. Where each and every devotee feels like it is their father’ s house. It is not like any regular temple. This is a parivaar where everyone is thinking best of the other person. Whatever we do, we together as a family.

And through a very ardent devotee of Baba, Baba had send us a message on the same day that “Vishal and Subhra knows what they are doing. It’s wonderful ! It’s wonderful !”

Baba Himself has chosen us: my brother Vishal Khanna and myself Subhra Mukherjee to built the Sai Dham Canada. He made sure that we always walk on His path, even if it requires to give up our lives.

Today the one thing that we brother and sister is working on if ‘Sabka Malik Ek’.  That is why Baba has opened a soup kitchen where anyone can come and eat food free of cost. No questions asked. Started free breakfast program. Children’s school – where they learn meditation, yoga, moral values and all about to become a good human being. They are our future. Now Baba is starting a Humane library; where we have religions books from religion.

I guess Sai Dham Canada in only one organization where we read Quran at the time of Eid. Bible, Guru Granth Sahib, Vedas, Upanishads, Jainism , Buddhism, Jews , Zoarastrians and so on.

Sai Dham Canada is the first charitable organization in Canada – we deliver non perishable foods to people who are mentally/physically disabled, low incomes, single mothers with no jobs, elderly seniors who do not have the capacity to go to a store to buy foods. We deliver at their doorstep. Free of cost.

Baba always used to cook food and feed everyone with His own hands.

And following His path, our slogan is ‘serving the humanity’.

And also: ‘No one should remain hungry and/or No one should go to sleep hungry.’

We want Baba to be with us all the time. Give His grace, continue to shower His love and blessings and show us the right path by continuing holding our hand; so that we can re -establish his teachings and bring the world together.

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